But wait there’s more…

http://beyond-50.com  By: Laura Antoniou

The highly anticipated film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey will hit theaters on Valentine’s weekend, 2015. Millions of readers around the world have already been caught in the magic and romance of power and surrender, role-playing and kinky passions. Or, as some call it – BDSM.

But did you know there’s a wealth of BDSM themed literature and media available now and coming soon, just waiting for you to discover?

Sensual romances. Gritty thrillers. Spell-binding fantasy. Darkly passionate suspense and horror. Dramatic historical adventures. Edgy erotica. Gorgeous art and photographs. Honest memoirs. From short stories to long novels, from subtle and light to explicit and nasty. Even helpful and sexy non-fiction to help bring your more risquéthoughts to life!

No matter what your interest, there’s a world of other authors ready to give your imagination a tasty turn. Whether you want only one style and theme or care to delve into a whole universe of passion, romance, danger and delight, you can find something just to your taste. All sexual identities and orientations and any match-up between them can be found in some of these scorching pages – and some you’ve never even heard of.

Be daring! Visit with us for a while. Click some links. Read some reviews, or excerpts. Have fun! Come back later for more suggestions, more options, more racy reading designed for your personal pleasures. And if you want even more, check the calendar for events in your area and come out to actually meet some authors! Listen to their highly improper readings. Or snatch up some new stories for that naughty reader in your life and maybe you’ll be inspired to go #Beyond50 for a good long time…

http://beyond-50.com By: Laura Antoniou


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