Damn I love this woman. I never thought this day would come, that I would find her. I would sit and stare off into space, wondering when my time would come. I am not going to settle for less, I refuse. I am demanding, but that is who I am. I realize now, how much I love this woman after finding her, I’ll be damned if I give her up.

I have been with a lot of submissives; I have trained a lot of submissives. I can honestly say, that none of those women can compare to her. I knew that she was a submissive from the moment I laid eyes on her in the bar at the restaurant. She was sitting with some of her friends, talking and laughing. The moment she turned and I saw her smile, the innocence in her eyes, I knew she was mine. I had to have her, it was instantaneous.

Our first encounter was nerve-wracking for me. I had to rein in my control and play it cool. I could tell that she was nervous, the way she would worry her bottom lip with her teeth. I had to take things slow. This woman was going to be my one and only submissive, there was going to be no one after her. The connection I felt between us was that strong. I knew without a doubt that she felt it too.

The training was hard. This was new to her, even though she was a natural submissive. She would research as much information as possible, with the purpose and dedication of pleasing me. The night she safe worded out, put everything into perspective for me. She cried the entire night. Worried that I would end the relationship, I had no intention of letting her go.

It was my fault. I was caught up and didn’t acknowledge her needs. I damaged the trust of her submission, because of my lack of attention. The tears she shed and her statements of failure tore at my heart, because it was I who failed her. I made it a mission, right then and there, that she would be put first.

Together we overcame, and are stronger than ever before. I exited my office, thinking about her. I cannot wait to get home to her, enjoy my time with her, in our playroom. I cannot wait to explore her, to love her, and feast on every part of her delectable body. I eagerly navigate through traffic, so I can make my way home and closer to her my sub.

The anticipation is killing me. My beautiful sub, always so willing to please me, I find myself questioning how I was blessed to have found her. I know that she hears the alarm, letting her know that I am home. I will not keep her waiting. I will change into my faded levi jeans, I will be barefoot, and topless.

I enter, and I know that she can feel me admiring her from afar. Damn I love this woman. All of her training and patience has led to this moment. She is so strong. I love how she assumes the position, eyes cast down. I never had to discipline her on that. Damn I love this woman, and I am going to relish in her service, and enjoy every part of her.


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