God I love this man, I didn’t realize it until now how much I love him. I was so afraid at first; I didn’t think I had the strength to be what he needs. It was there all along, but I continued to deny the truth, worried about the views and perceptions of the outside world. He was so patient with me, soothing me, but also stern with me, if the situation warranted. His words of encouragement are everything.

I studied as much as possible the life of a submissive, I wanted to know and learn as much as I could. His pleasure and I being able to serve and deliver that pleasure was paramount. I wanted to be more than what I was; I wanted him to be proud of me. I knew that I had the strength within me, to deliver. I wanted him to look at me with reverence.

Some question why a woman would want such a title? Why would a woman with intelligence willingly submit to a man? Why would a woman subject herself willingly to answer his every desire? The answer is simple; it takes a strong woman to submit. It not only gives pleasure to him, but it gives pleasure to her as well. The knowledge and power to know, that you are the one, who puts that gleam and look of hunger in his eyes.

My training was intense. I wanted him to push my limits, and bring me to new heights. There were times when I made mistakes, and I felt unworthy of his love or even his touch. But he was ever so patient. He explained the process, and was understanding, when it came to my growth. I did not mind being pushed to my limits. The pleasure I gave him, he returned tenfold.

All I’ve learned has now led me here. Content, strong in my service to him, I am now, kneeling waiting his return. His playroom, our sanctuary, I await his arrival. I hear the car pull up to the drive way, and I know he will be here soon. I can hardly wait; I am jumping out of my skin. I am in the respective position, with my head and eyes cast down. It is as if he is here now, trailing the back of his hand across my left cheek in admiration.

I hear the alarm, letting me know that he has entered the house. He will make me wait, because he is the master when it comes to anticipation. I wiggle, because my excitement is at the brink about to take over. I am stronger now; I dial it back, maintaining the control he has taught me. I do not want this to end even before it has started. My training has ended. This is it. This is the beginning of pleasure and passions abound.

I hear him on the stairs now. I know that he has changed beforehand, it is our routine. I will do anything to please him. He will be topless, showing off his wonderful upper body. He will be in a pair of faded levi blue jeans, barefoot. The door opens, he is admiring me from afar, and I can feel it. He is making his way over to me slowly. Oh God how I love this man, I will do anything to please him.


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