When the story initially broke, I was in complete shock. I couldn’t believe that the CBC would fire an outstanding employee for his sexual preferences. With that being said, I started using my brain and wondering what is going on here, truly? BDSM is beautiful, and despite that fact… there are individuals who enter the lifestyle using it as a smoke screen to hide their abuse of others. That’s when it becomes harder for those who live the lifestyle to live it without fear of ridicule or condemnation to name a few. This is where I come in, an author of the lifestyle… along with a few other important people, Dr. Charley Ferrer to name one. Dr. Ferrer is a renowned sexologist and BDSM expert. She has provided me with so much knowledge and understanding of the lifestyle, which I hope to show others how amazing it truly is. You are right to educate yourself and be aware of the lifestyle to make a solid and inform comment. BDSM is about trust above all, and BDSM is not abuse. It is sad when someone uses BDSM as a smoke screen to hide their abuse. Please note, I am not saying that Jian Ghomeshi did this… I have to admit I was someone that posted on his Facebook page offering my support when the story initially broke. Now after the shock and the information gathering process is happening… We have to wait till all this plays out and we hear and see all evidence produced. You are absolutely right, we have to offer these woman the same courtesy that has been pouring out to Ghomeshi. The truth will be revealed in the end!


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