My Master has taught me so much about intimacy. What I thought I knew about intimacy paled in comparison to what he has shown me. There are different levels of intimacy and different ways to show and feel intimacy as well. I thought that the only way to truly show and feel a deep level of intimacy was during lovemaking.

But my Master has shown me and taught me that intimacy is not just felt or shown when making love. It can be when the two of us are sitting on the sofa in our sitting room watching yet another “Tom Cruise” film. That is a level of intimacy, because my Master knows that I am a big fan of Tom and I love his movies.

Intimacy is also felt when we are lying in bed together and he is gently stroking his left hand up and down the right side of my face, and when he is stroking up and down my arms and thighs. It is the non-spoken word, which the intimacy between us deepens. I feel like I can read his mind sometimes.

We can just look at each other and know what the other is thinking and what the other needs. God I find myself questioning how intimacy this deep can even be. My Master tells me, that the reason is because I was made for him and he was in turn made for me.

I love that I can be myself with him and he can be himself with me. When we are making love, I can feel a different level of intimacy. It is so profound and so much deeper when our bodies are connected together as one.

When he touches me, I feel myself going up in flames. He doesn’t even have to say words. Just the look in his eyes tells me everything that I need to know. I know with certainty that when he looks into my eyes he sees the same thing reflected back to him.

The level of intimacy I feel when we are in our love nest, our playroom is amplified to the tenth degree. The unconditional trust I feel when I am with him, is beyond explanation. That amount of adoration and devotion takes our intimacy even higher. I know that without a doubt, he would never hurt me. I feel that intimacy when he touches me.

The way he massages his hands over my body, how he reverently touches me, as if I am a previous gift he will cherish for all time. He is so firm yet gently when we are here. Our time in our playroom is our Sanctuary.

It is more than just the flick of his wrist, when he is about to bring the flogger down upon my body. It is more than being bound to the spanking bench or bound to the Saint Andrew’s cross. It is more than being tied to the bed, open for his scrutiny and his pleasure. The gift of my submission has increased the level of intimacy that I feel for him. My Master, the man I love, who is Dominant over my mind, body and spirit. He control’s every aspect of my pleasure, and in doing so he fulfills me, beyond anything that I could even imagine.

His Dominance over me, giving me what I need, never judging me, is another piece of the puzzle that catapults our intimacy. When I am in need of his guidance, but I cannot find the words to express myself, he is there, patient providing me with the nudge I need. His experience and knowledge at first was intimidating.

But now, I relish in it, because his experience and knowledge has given me the strength I need. I couldn’t imagine my life without him by my side. I truly do not know if I would even have the strength to carry one.

I kneel here now, naked waiting patiently for my Master to enter. My legs are spread apart so that he can have a clear sight to my pussy. My back is straight and my hands are down folded neatly in front of me.

My head is lowered and my eyes are cast down. I take pride in my personal grooming, because I know that he prefers it. So I have no issue with ensuring that my pussy is shaven to his standards and likeness. I have no problem wearing my hair down with a little “flip” because he likes it. God I love this man and serving him, bring me nothing but pleasure.

That’s way I have no issue with using daily exfoliating body gloves when in the shower or in the bath, because he loves how soft my skin is to touch. In the grand scheme of things, all that he likes and enjoys is exactly what I like and enjoy.

I take satisfaction in that, because it shows the level of growth on my part, and the level of intimacy that has grown within our relationship and us. I am pulled from my musings when I hear him on the stairs. And my anticipation is about to hit the roof. Here the outside world has no bearing on us, and it cannot infringe on us.


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