Review of Fifty Shades of Grey (originally posted February 14th 2015 on Facebook)

Ladies night was movie night for myself and two of my friends. Our movie of choice was the long awaited ‪#‎FSOG‬… In the past couple of days there have been positive reviews and negative reviews. Well, everyone, my review of the film will fall into the positive column (to an extent and that’s because of the inaccurate depiction of BDSM/D/s in the movie). The movie starts at an easy and casual pace… and as the movie progresses and the characters begin to develop and we see the many sides to them… Dakota Johnson stands out from the jump. She nailed it as Ana Steele and brought the depth of the character from the pages of the book to the big screen. As for Jamie Dornan bringing Christian Grey to life, I have to say… he did a pretty good job despite the reviews of his performance. I went into this film with a set of expectations, based on reviews I’d read. As a rule, never do that when you’re going to see a movie. Sam Taylor the director had an opportunity to veer away a little from the book and give the audience more, but she didn’t… here’s hoping the second instalment does. The sex scenes were drummed down and could have been a little more exciting, but again there is always the second instalment. Back to the point about BDSM… BDSM was not depicted accurately in the series or in this first film. And there is a danger in that… individuals will see the film adaptation and want to try what was depicted without doing the proper research. This is where I hope people will take the initiative to educate themselves and seek out members in the LS community for guidance and support to name a few. There are a wealth of books out there by renowned BDSM experts and educators (BDSM The Naked Truth written by Dr. Charley Ferrer and Domination and Submission written by Mike Makai to name a few). Over all, the movie did what it was made to do and that was entertain. The ending was right on key with the first book and set the stage for next film in the series.


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